shutterstock_72099022Accurate, compliant and insightful administration.

Your organization’s benefits package is more than a vehicle for attracting top talent. It’s a commitment to your organization’s greatest source of competitive advantage: your workforce. With iSolved, you can rest assured that your benefits spending is leveraged strategically and meaningfully to position you for business growth.

Take the stress out of benefits administration and provide your team with intuitive tools to:

  • Manage open enrollment
  • Calculate, test and analyze eligibility
  • Support an unlimited number of plan types

Stop struggling with static, spreadsheet-based records, a lack of visibility, and cumbersome batch processing to calculate employee eligibility. Transform your benefits administration to provide enhanced flexibility, self-service access and sophisticated analytics.

iSolved Benefits Features:

  • Benefits enrollment
  • Plan management
  • Rate preview
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Carrier Connection setup
  • Real-time eligibility