Mobile-ReadyUsing portable devices for time management is a great option for companies with telecommuters, field workers, or employees who work from home or on the go. Clock in and out can be collected with a PDA, reported via cell phone, or managed with new rugged mobile time clocks. Whatever your company’s situation, CTR can help you manage your time more effectively. Our representatives will work to find the best solution to fit your businesses needs.

Below are just a few options you can consider.

Mobile Applications

Allow your employees to clock in while out of the office using their web-enabled smart phones and PDAs. The data collected in the field flows seamlessly into TimeForce.

mobile-appThe TimeForce II time and attendance solution provides tremendous benefits to a wide range of companies. Now with the release of the new Mobile Solution, industries with on-the-go workers can submit time punches wherever they are and supervisors can track and enforce attendance policies easier than ever before.

The new mobile application is ideal for customers that employ carpenters, electricians, landscapers, caterers, home care nurses, drivers and other mobile workers.


telephoneAccurate, error-free time tracking by phone. Allow your employees to clock in with a phone call.

The Telephone Login option for TimeForce users allows companies to utilize the telephone as a powerful attendance tracking tool. Pick up the telephone, dial the TimeForce Toll-Free Telephone Login number, key in your PIN, and hang up. It’s as simple as that.

Velocity 800R

The patented Velocity 800R Rugged Edition allows you to take your time clock to your job site. This new clock is completely mobile, will run for 12 hours per charge (and you can re-charge it from your vehicle). The accurate biometric fingerprint reader helps you eliminate buddy-punching. This clock will pay for itself in no time in recovered labor costs.

Velocity 850R

The patented Velocity 850R Rugged Edition is a sophisticated, feature-rich biometric system, with the ability to perform job costing and department transfers. Built tough for use on the jobsite. This new clock is completely mobile, will run for 12 hours per charge (and you can re-charge it from your vehicle). Ideal for construction, emergency management services, landscaping and maintenance, utility crews, and other industrial settings.

In addition, the V850R offers extended time tracking features such as break and lunch buttons and multiple pay rates.