Start-to-finish, our web-based onboarding solution saves companies countless hours and thousands of dollars.

No redundant forms. No paperwork!

From helping employees with paperwork to answering questions to managing compliance requirements and updates, employers waste hours every year. Onboarding is, unquestionably, the most critical stage of employee enrollment, both for new hires as well as for employers. Hiring entities face an enormous burden throughout the process, from ensuring deduction accuracy on W-4 forms to integrating and maintaining direct deposit and benefits information. Furthermore, simple yet avoidable mistakes could cost thousands of dollars in regulatory penalties.

Much like automated tax preparation software, our intuitive and customizable online interview module asks employees a few simple questions to determine form requirements.

We take care of it all:

  • W-4 & I9
  • WOTC 8850 & 9061
  • New employee enrollment
  • Background and credit checks
  • E-verify
  • Open enrollment
  • Uniform size and orders
  • Cafeteria plans
  • Direct deposit information.
    And more …

During their first few weeks, employees waste precious acclimation time in filling out excessive paperwork, debating over tax and benefit questions, and chasing staffing and HR managers to get clarifications and suggestions. Our Web-based, highly-evolved solution guides employees throughout the onboarding process, saves time, fosters productivity and morale.