Each employer is to determine the appropriate taxes for the employee based on their resident and work location. To assist employers with this responsibility iSolved, a complete payroll software, provides a Zip Code lookup to determine the appropriate taxes for the jurisdiction. This powerful lookup identifies all taxes associated with that location and applies any reciprocity rules.

  • The iSolved tax department will file and pay taxes on time to the proper authority.
  • Our tax engine is an industry leader in providing tax compliance regulations. Continually monitors and applies new regulations and rate changes.
  • Tax rates and laws continually change. Customers can be assured that the application is compliant with these changes.
  • The payroll preview allows the employer to verify that the accuracy of the payroll and taxes that will be applied to each employee and the employer portion.
  • The gross to net of an individual check can be viewed prior to processing to ensure accuracy.
  • Many reports available for current, MTD and QTD figures.

Problems that it solves:

  • Compliance nightmare
  • Appropriately submitting paperwork and payments on time to avoid penalties
  • Lighten the work load of the employer