CTR will help you manage your scheduling needs, whether simple or complex. TimeForce comes with two powerful scheduling options right out-of-the-box:

Standard Scheduling

  • If you simply need to schedule your employees without highly complex scheduling options, this tool is for you. You’ll be scheduling your employees in minutes.
  • Standard Scheduling makes it easy to create recurring schedules for a particular shift, or create recurring schedules by day of week.
  • Most businesses love Standard Scheduling, but if you need even more control, we have Spreadsheet Scheduling.

Spreadsheet Scheduling

  • The spreadsheet scheduler is a tool designed for organizations who have flexible or unpredictable work patterns.
  • Allows employees more control of their own schedule by showing their availability, allowing employees to perform shift swaps, and to pick up additional work hours.
  • Supervisors have more control of their labor costs and can schedule more quickly, while ensuring full coverage.