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Bridget Escobar | CTR HCM

Bridget Escobar

President/Managing Partner

Nicole Mills

Vice President/Managing Partner

Jason Simmons

Director of Business Development

Shannon Dickerson

Marketing Manager

Brian Lynch

Senior Tax Specialist

Ann Steigerwaldt

HCM Client Representative

Darlene Booher

Lead HCM Technical Analyst

Kara Stivason

Director of Client Services

Missy Stephany

Project Manager

Doug Dawes

ACH & Banking Manager

David Yanko

HCM Client Representative

Karen Fitsioris

Senior Payroll Conversion Specialist

Larry Hutchinson

Time Implementation Manager

Sheri Campbell

Director of Implementation

Julie Scott

Regional Sales

Mike Becker

HCM Client Representative

Steve Heinlein

HCM Client Representative

Margie Hayden

Client Services Manager

Danielle Foltz

Director of Operations

Darcy Hoyle

Financial Analyst

Jamal Brown

Tax Specialist

Michelle Mazza

Senior Financial Analyst

Nicole Lerch

HCM Benefits Specialist

Doug Emmereth

Director of Technology

Rashid Todd

Corporate Trainer

Katey Campbell

Payroll & HCM Administrative Specialist

Renee Contumelio

HCM Benefits Specialist

Koren Boeh

Financial Analyst

Jesse Dawes

Payroll Operations Specialist

Carla Green

Project Manager

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