Easy Employee Screening and Background Checks

More and more employers like you are being held responsible for the actions of their employees. What could you have prevented by knowing more about who they were before hiring? Pre-employment background checks protect you from negligent hiring cases and your employees and customers from potential danger. CTR partners with ProScreening for pre-employment background checks. ProScreening is fully integrated with isolved Hire.
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ProScreening with isolved Hire

CTR background checks are reliable and help keep you compliant with the EEOC and FCRA. Since we manage the security of an applicant’s social security number and DOB, your exposure and risk are limited. With ProScreening:

  • All paperwork is completed online
  • Checks are initiated by clicking a button – we do the rest!
  • Email notifications are sent to you when the check is ready, and the report is stored within the applicants electronic file
  • Access to dedicated customer service representatives to assist you
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed – no contracts binding you to our services

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Looking to learn a little more about isolved and how it can totally revolutionize your approach to HR? Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with one of our CTR specialists to help you discover how isolved can answer all your questions.