Easy Applicant Tracking with isolved

Scrolling through countless applications, trying to remember who wrote that perfect cover letter, making sure you don’t miss out on the perfect candidate—keeping track of your applicants doesn’t have to be a fulltime job.
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Easy-To-Use Interface

isolved offers an intuitive interface for your team and applicants alike. It makes finding your perfect hire a snap.

Job Position Templates

Filling multiple positions or need more than one applicant? Create and store an unlimited amount of job postings that are ready to post immediately.

Remote Interviewing

Don’t let geography stand in the way of your ideal candidate. Host video interviews with applicants right inside of the isolved platform.

Candidate Rating System

Keep track of your favorite candidates with a simple rating system. No more sifting through margin notes.

Custom Questionnaires

Learn everything you need to know and screen applicants quickly through totally customized questionnaires.

Applicant Database

Not the right fit at the right time? Keep track of previous candidates and contact them with ease when the next position opens up.

CTR helps you hire better people, faster.

We’ve found that more than 60% of applicants will start an online application but leave without finishing it, and there are a whole lot more who never see your ad to begin with.  It’s difficult to attract and hire talented people, but with CTR’s Applicant Tracking software, isolved Hire, you can improve the process and provide real results. 

  • Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click
  • Organize your hiring process
  • Attract better candidates
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Improve the applicant experience
  • Provide collaboration across hiring teams
  • Decrease cost per hire

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isolved Hire and Applicant Dashboard

Keep track of open positions, number of applicants and completed interviews with isolved’s easy-to-navigate dashboard. Additionally, keep your applicants organized and easily find out what documents you’re waiting on.


Contact CTR for isolved Implementation and Support

Looking to learn a little more about isolved and how it can totally revolutionize your approach to HR? Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with one of our CTR specialists to help you discover how isolved can answer all your questions.