Let’s Save Some Trees!

Effective August 1st, 2018, all employees who use the isolved Employee Portal will be prompted to opt-out of receiving paper W2s when logging into their self-service account.  When the employee clicks on ACCEPT, a paper W2 will not be generated at year-end and the employee will be able to print or view their W2 in their employee portal at their convenience.

isolved Self-Services FAQs

This will only be effective for companies that currently have Self-Services activated for their employees.  If you are not currently using self-services and would like to give employees the option to opt-out, please contact your support representative to enable this feature.

How do employees opt out of receiving a paper W2?

It’s simple! Once they log in to their ESS portal after August 1st, a pop-up message will appear with verbiage discussing the option to “opt out” of receiving a paper W2. Once they click “ACCEPT”, they will no longer receive paper W2s.

What if I don’t want to give our employees the option to opt out?

No worries! Just send your support representative an email and we will be sure to disable this feature for your organization.  If you change your mind at any time, we can easily enable this feature for your organization going forward.

What do I need to do between now and year-end?

Get the word out!  Since employees will need to actively “opt-out” of receiving a paper W2 before the last payroll of the year, the goal is to get your employees to login to their self-service account and choose to opt out of receiving a paper W2 before year-end.

Here are some sample emails that you may send to your employees if you want to increase participation:

Sample Employee Email

Sample Employee Reminder Email (Send November 15th)

What happens if my employee opts out after the last payroll of the year has been run?

The employee will receive a paper W2 for this calendar year. This setting will take effect the following year.

How do I ensure that my employees are set up with Employee Self Service and can login?

Make sure a valid email address is populated in the Self-Service Information section of the Employee Maintenance/General screen. Make sure the Enable Self Service Access box is checked.

You can view a summary of ALL employees’ Self-Service activation status by going to Client Management>Client Utilities>Self Service Management.

Check the appropriate boxes to enable, unlock, and resend activation emails. Don’t worry about the Terminated Employee Counts as they will automatically receive paper W2s.

Does this apply to Terminated employees?  What about Inactive employees?

Once an employee is marked “Terminated” in the system, they will automatically receive a paper W2 (even if they had previously granted consent). However, employees marked as “Inactive” can still consent to electronic only.

Do my employees need to Accept this consent every year?

No, this setting will save for future years.

Which specific forms does this apply to?

This applies to all year end forms: W2s, 1099s, and 1095 ACA Forms.

Where can I view employees that have not yet consented to this agreement?

The following report shows the employees that will be receiving a paper W2. (Please note that this report shows wage information and Social Security number.)The employees on this list are either terminated or have not yet consented to electronic W2s. Once an employee consents, they will be removed from this list.

Reporting>Year End Reports-On-Demand>W2

What if an employee wants to change their original consent decision?

Once logged in to ESS, they can click on the top left corner and choose “Electronic Delivery – Tax Forms”.


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