Making Employee Engagement Easier

Eliminate constant email and phone calls with employees and managers, answering basic HR questions such as: “What is my vacation balance?” “What are my employee benefits?” or “How do I get in contact with my Benefits Providers?”

Key information can be pushed to employees and managers through their employee portal making it easy to retrieve when and as often as they want it.

isolved Provides Alerts & Employee Messages to Automate Internal Processes

Tired of chasing down employees and managers to complete tasks and paperwork?  isolved workflow alerts and employee messages help automate these processes so that HR Managers can focus their time on more strategic tasks.

isolved Workflow Alerts and Messages capabilities include:

  • Notify employees and Managers when performance reviews are due
  •  Notify employees when they are eligible for employee benefits
  •  Notify managers and administrators when employees have requested time-off
  •  Notify administrators when key tasks are completed by employees and managers
  •  Notify administrators when adjustments have been made to employees pay information, demographic information, and other key items that require administrative approval
  • Notify employees of an upcoming open enrollment, company initiative, or new company policy or procedure
  • Notify administrators which employees have approved a company initiative, company policy, or procedure
  •  Much More!!

All of your HR functions flow effortlessly through one system of record that can be accessed by your entire staff.

Looking for a Complete HCM Solution?

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