isolved Human Resources Software

From tracking employee engagement to creating customized workflows, the isolved HCM software puts all of your human resource processes in one, fully automated place. Take the guesswork (and paperwork) out of the equation and get things running smoothly again.
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Automate Human Resource Management with isolved HR

Most human resources professionals, business owners, and executives face the challenge of trying to focus on strategic HR and business initiatives while juggling their day-to-day operations.

The mountain of daily tasks often makes it difficult to carve out time to focus on compliance and strategic HR issues.  As a result, businesses turn to automated HR solutions to help them streamline their internal processes.

What are the Key Functions of isolved?

An effective HR System should focus on three key functions:

isolved easily automates Employee HR information tracking, saving HR managers and professionals hours of data entry, report compilation and paper chasing.

isolved provides supervisors, managers and all employees access to HR Information, eliminating the needless back-and-forth communications between HR managers and employees regarding information that can be made readily available on a daily basis.

isolved provides workflow capability to automate key internal processes and procedures.

CTR’s isolved System Provides Easy to Use, but Flexible HR Tracking

With CTR’s isolved system, businesses can track a wide variety of HR Information. The best part? It’s all built right within one solution! Payroll, HR, Benefits Administration, Time and Attendance, and all of your employee management needs are housed under one database—eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. How much time would that save? Below are just some of the many HR Items that can be tracked in isolved:

  • Certification Tracking
  • Training Tracking
  • Company Asset Tracking
  • Performance Review Tracking
  • Disciplinary Action Tracking
  • Injury Tracking for OSHA and Workers Compensation Reporting
  • EEO Tracking & Reporting
  • OSHA Tracking & Reporting

Additionally, system alerts can be set to notify HR Managers, Executives, and/or Managers and Supervisors when key HR items for employees are due or even overdue.  These system alerts are key to ensure that your staff stays on task and remains in compliance with daily HR functions.

Looking for a Complete HCM Solution?

isolved Provides Employee and Manager Portals for Employee Engagement

Eliminate constant email and phone calls with employees and managers, answering basic HR questions such as: “What is my vacation balance?” “What are my employee benefits?” or “How do I get in contact with my Benefits Providers?”

Key information can be pushed to employees and managers through their employee portal making it easy to retrieve when and as often as they want it. Check out the isolved Employee and Manager Portal.


isolved Provides Alerts & Employee Messages to Automate Internal Processes

Tired of chasing down employees and managers to complete tasks and paperwork?  isolved workflow alerts and employee messages help automate these processes so that HR Managers can focus their time on more strategic tasks.

Contact CTR for isolved Implementation and Support

Looking to learn a little more about isolved and how it can totally revolutionize your approach to HR? Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with one of our CTR specialists to help you discover how isolved can answer all your questions.