CTR helps get your employee Mojo going!

Deliver a better work life for your employees with a solution designed to improve the culture and engagement at your organization – all with the foundation of the mission-critical tools of payroll, time and attendance, and benefits. It’s all possible when your organization gets its mojo working. Learn how CTR can help integrate isolved with Mojo into your organization.

Features of isolved with Mojo

  • A lively feed wall to stay aligned across functions and locations while talking, collaborating, and keeping up with colleagues and projects. 
  • A personalized dashboard that keeps the most important information right where you need it. 
  • Pulse surveys designed to find out how specific individuals, groups, or functions are thinking and feeling about a particular situation or project. 
  • Crowdsourcing ideas. Watch good ideas take off and go viral with up votes from the entire organization. 
  • Easy ways to praise for team members who have their mojo working. Don’t wait for the annual performance review or quarterly staff meeting to praise your employees who are standing out. 
  • Rewards and recognition tools allow your team members to rack up points when they collaborate, share, and help one another. Take recognition to the next level and award cool prizes to your employees when they achieve true mojo status! 
  • Gamification elements to keep employees engaged and excited about interacting with one another and moving up on the mojo leaderboard. 
  • Interactive org charts, which provide in-depth insight into the organization’s structure and flow, as well as help employees understand their reporting structure and the structure of those around them. 
  • Tools to share ideas and knowledge with other employees across the organization.

Add even more Mojo with Mojo Perform

Take your mojo to the next level with Mojo Perform. With Mojo Perform, you’ll get insights into the performance and results of every single member of your team while still keeping everyone aligned with your company’s overall goals. With Mojo Perform, you get all the features of isolved with Mojo listed above, plus:

  • Integrated performance reviews to help employees identify and improve their mojo. It’s easy to monitor and report on performance with flexible cycles that can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Connect individual, team, and company goals to the review and recognize results. Managers and supervisors can use pre-loaded review templates.
  • 360 feedback for performance reviews and throughout the year. Mojo Perform’s 360 feedback tool allows you to seek input from all directions, including those inside and outside your company and up and down in the reporting structure. Want to ask a vendor or customer for feedback on an employee’s performance? No problem!
  • Goal-setting and monitoring, including goals for specific groups, individuals, and the company as a whole. Create workstreams and attach them to goals, or cascade goals down the organization to track the progress from all team members.
  • Nine box, showing managers and executives who have the most mojo, who’s showing their mojo, and who needs to pick it up. Use this built-in feature to identify star employees at a glance and figure out who may be the best fit for a promotion.

Contact CTR for isolved Implementation and Support

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