Simple Employee Onboarding

Onboarding a new hire can feel overwhelming for both employee and employer. On top of all the paperwork, signatures and trainings comes the simple fact of integrating a new employee into your company’s culture. For everyone’s benefit, you want to spend as little as time possible navigating the onboarding process so that your new hire can hit the ground running in their new position.

Simplifying your onboarding process not only keeps things moving, it further demonstrates to your new hire that he or she has made a great choice in accepting your job offer.
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CTR gets your newly hired employees onboarded successfully.

Getting new hires immediately connected to your company in a streamlined, positive process is important to building your team and improving performance for your business. isolved Onboarding provides a paperless, organized workflow where new hires enter all information, complete forms and prepare for their new career.

  • Provide a great user experience to your new employees
  • Seamlessly manage all documentation, including I-9 forms
  • Increase data consistency
  • Avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency
  • e-Verify available

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