Go Paperless with isolved’s online benefit enrollment tool.

isolved’s online open enrollment tool allows employees to use their Employee Self-Services Portal to enroll in benefits online.

CTR benefit implementation specialists will work with your team to customize your employee open enrollment portal with your company’s benefit plan information in order to effortlessly guide your employees through the entire open enrollment process.
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Features of Online Benefit Enrollment

  • Upload benefit documents and links to carriers
  • Add plan comparison features
  • Open Enrollment, New Employee Enrollment, and Life Event Enrollment
  • Employees easily choose their elections, coverage tiers, costs, and contribution amounts using drop down menus
  • Automated email alerts to employees and administrators
  • Open Enrollment Dashboard for administrators to monitor employee enrollment progress
  • Automated Carrier Connections
  • Benefits are connected to deductions to eliminate time consuming updates to employee deductions

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