How isolved Hire Finds Your Perfect Candidate

There’s no shortage of hiring and onboarding tasks, and finding the ideal candidate can feel like a full time job all by itself. Ask any HR professional. The stress of filling an organization’s open position, what with the constant nudges from the affected department, weeding through resumes, interviewing your batch of candidates and finally making a job offer all take more time than any of us want to spend. Boy, it sure would be nice if there was something to help you streamline and oversee the entire process. Well, wouldn’t you know it—there is! Meet isolved Hire from CTR. 

How does isolved Hire Work?

In short, pretty darn well. Imagine the ability to automate all of your hiring processes in one central hub. Just upload all of the info and let the isolved software find your perfect candidate for you. No more scrolling through application after application or trying to remember who stood out and why. Let’s take a peek under the hood and see why isolved Hire is sure to become one of your company’s hardest workers. 

Job Position Templates

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). Hiring a great candidate starts with an irresistible job posting—a description that will have jobseekers banging down your digital door. Crafting that job description takes both time and thought, but once it’s good to go, how do you get the right candidates to see it? 

Through isolved Hire, simply upload your job descriptions and with a single click, send it out to hundreds of job boards and employment sites. After that, you’ll be notified when anyone applies through any platform all from your isolved hub. Easy peasy, right? It gets better!

Employee Screening

Applicant screening doesn’t have to take an entire day. ProScreening from isolved Hire helps you stay ahead of the game by providing a safe and secure software to help you keep track of paperwork, perform background checks and even keep you up-to-date with email notifications when everything’s ready. 

Through isolved Hire you can also create a totally custom questionnaire that helps filter your candidate pool so you can rest easy knowing only the most qualified make it to the next round. 

Candidate Rating System

Find someone with that special something? Don’t let them fall through the cracks! Keep track of your favorite candidates with an easy-to-use candidate rating system. You can earmark your favorites and add notes to remind yourself and the rest of your hiring team why they’re clearly so amazing. It’s a great way for your organization to find candidates who will make everyone happy. 

Remote Interviewing

Do we need to remind you of how busy you are? Coordinating a time to meet in person can stifle an effective hiring process. Besides, what if that perfect candidate isn’t local? Start the ball rolling with a candidate who caught your eye with a video call. isolved Hire logs your calls so your team knows who you’ve reached out to and when. 

Sure, your organization might have a tried and true video conferencing service, but isolved Hire lets you do this right inside the software, helping you to create an even more robust candidate profile that contains all the info you’d ever need. 

Applicant Database

Speaking of all of that info, isolved Hire helps you maintain a current database on all your candidates. Maybe that one jobseeker wasn’t ideal for this position, but they’re definitely worth keeping in mind for the future. Keep track of him or her, including how you rated them and any notes you made. When that next open position rolls around, you’ll be ready to reach out. That’s sure to save you even more…you guessed it…time!  

Find Better Candidates Faster

isolved Hire was created by a team of dedicated HR professionals who know what you’re looking for. isolved Hire provides a great applicant experience that demonstrates your organization’s commitment to professionalism. Not only can you organize your hiring process, but you could also see reduced hiring timelines, a more refined candidate pool and best of all, a decrease in your cost per hire. 

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