Demonstrating a good Employer Brand by assisting employees | CTR Payroll Services Pittsburgh

What’s Your Employer Brand?

While organizations devote huge chunks of their yearly budget to ensure they present a good public image for potential clients or customers, many often overlook their employer brand. In other words, what do you, as an employer, look like to current, former, and potential workers?

Paying for Employee Training | CTR Payroll

Should I Pay Employees for Training?

Most members of your organization are probably going to complete some sort of training throughout their tenure with your company. However, a question that often comes up is, should I pay employees for training?

Document Employee Performance | CTR

When in Doubt, Document

Taking corrective action with your employees isn’t the most pleasant part of the job. However, failing to do so is much worse. Whether you’re addressing poor performance or unsatisfactory behavior, it’s critically important to document all of your communication.

Smart Recruitment Strategies | CTR

Smart Recruitment Strategies for Your Company

Every organization can benefit from fresh, new perspectives that come with that perfect hire. However, finding that ideal candidate can be a bit hectic. Take the time upfront to nail down your recruitment strategies to find the best fit for your open position.

How to Manage Remote Workers | CTR

Managing Remote Workers

At the end of the day, you need to treat remote workers exactly like you would if they were at the desk next to you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you integrate working from home into your office culture.

Resolving Conflict at Work | CTR

Resolving Office Conflict

In an earlier blog post, we examined some of the most common causes of workplace conflict. Conflict can spring for any number of reasons—miscommunication, competing priorities, or just good old-fashioned workplace drama. No matter where it comes from, quickly and amicably finding a resolution to conflict should be a top priority.

Holidays and Overtime | CTR Blog

Paid Holidays and Overtime

Holidays, vacations and other PTO might count toward a 40-hour work week, but that doesn’t mean they factor into an employee’s ability to collect overtime.

EEOC Updates | CTR Blog

EEOC Finalizes Reporting Requirements

Earlier this summer, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission finalized what exactly is required of businesses when filing the EEO-1 report. How has the EEO-1 changed and who needs to file what and when?